Just announced: plans to open car wash in Detroit/Metro Area

On April, 13th The Regal Brand Inc. announced plans to open a car wash but plans for growth are clear. Details are scarce as the project is early in the developmental stages. Myron Clark, The Regal Brand Inc. President/CEO said in an interview that his vision is to have a “premiere auto wash” with “as much or as little service as customers wish.”

“Envision a full service car wash with actual customer service that has full DIY capabilities available 24/7. Well lit washing bays; free vacuums. A one stop shop for trips to the car wash because we’ll offer a store, on premise, stocked with industry leading products needed to detail your own vehicle.”

There is a time and place for detailing your own car. Having the right place to get it done, for some, is a challenge. Myron plans to change that with this new wash as he plans to have separate and ample space designated for DIY detailing in addition to the store. This DIY oasis will offer a full service option with a waiting area that sounds luxurious. “My biggest pet peeve about full service car washes is the waiting room; plastic chairs, ancient antenna TV’s and a coffee pot from an old diner.”

Investors are needed to fund the venture. Clark said that locations in Detroit and the surrounding Metro Areas are being considered. When asked why he decided to open a car wash Myron had this to say, “It’s a good business decision. A wash will get traffic a majority of the year, if full service. Coupled with amenities and service that can’t be found elsewhere I think we will be able to build a loyal membership clientele.”

It’s abundantly clear that Mr. Clark has bigger plans than just opening one wash. “The Regal Brand is a corporation. I want this car wash to grow into a division of this brand. One successful launch will lead to another that will spawn the creation of another business venture to grow.”

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