Just announced: May 15th target date

The Regal Brand Inc. announced that merchandise is expected to be available for purchase as soon as May 15th. It was announced earlier that the Michigan based corporation planned to sell branded merchandise to help fund an unspecified upcoming project. A later, separate, announcement confirmed that project to be the opening of a car wash in Detroit or the metro area. A post on Instagram that was later shared to Facebook claims that The Regal Brand Inc. has a location of interest for the car wash but no official announcement has been made. Myron Clark, President of The Regal Brand Inc. confirmed that samples of merchandise have been ordered.

“Samples are en route for me to inspect. The supplier promised high quality; if it meets my expectations I’ll place an order and mobilize a platform where the merchandise can be ordered from our corporate website or directly from the supplier to the customer.”

Mr. Clark is also planning on donating cloth masks as soon as he can get his hands on them. “I’ve also ordered a sample of the cloth mask, I’ll place a bulk order and donate it if the quality is right.” Even in its infancy, The Regal Brand Inc. is holding true to its mission statement of being a family of companies giving back to the communities they serve.

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