Ad removed from Facebook

Late in the night hours on May 8th updates to The Regal Brand Inc. corporate website were discovered. Updates included a new link that leads to an online retail store. The online store turns out to actually be the online store front for the corporation’s upcoming clothing line, Holy Grail Clothing Co.. It was also discovered that the merchandise, which was slated to be available on May 15th, is actually available for drop shipping now. No official statement has been released about the updates to the website or the early availability of merchandise.

An ad was posted on The Regal Brand Inc.’s Facebook page acknowledging the fact that the corporation had, indeed, beat production goals the next day. The ad successfully ran for about 2 hours before it was marked as spam and removed from the site. “We don’t allow people to get likes, follows, shares or video views in a way that’s misleading to others.” Facebook says.

“There was absolutely nothing misleading about the ad. Merchandise is available ahead of schedule. Holy Grail Clothing Co. online retail store is open and those who want to support can purchase merchandise securely from that platform.” Mr. Clark went on to say that he was confident this could be sorted out and he was sure TRB Inc.’s Facebook page would be unlocked soon.

Here is a link to Holy Grail Clothing Co. online retail store

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