TRB Inc. quietly updates corporate website: lots of leaks

On May 8th it was discovered that The Regal Brand Inc. made updates to their corporate website. This isn’t a surprise as the Michigan based corporation has been busy updating their website to reflect the evolving nature of their business. What’s noteworthy about this update is that no official statement has been made to announce them. TRB Inc. is a multifaceted corporation with a family of companies organized under six divisions of the brand.

Late last month TRB Inc. revealed the logo for Sluice Auto Wash & Detail Center as well as marketing material for it on their corporate website. This is a project the corporation has in the developmental stages, although, it was reported early on that a location of interest had been found. TRB Inc. would later pull out of the deal opting to continue their search for a location for their revolutionary chain of car washes. TRB Inc., at the same time, teased the launch of the Retail Division of the brand with the announcement of Holy Grail Clothing Co.

The Regal Brand Inc. also added a merchandise page to their corporate website last month. CEO, Myron Clark, had approved the sale of cloth masks and T-shirts with profits going to funding upcoming projects. The merchandise page confirms the May 15th availability date of the merchandise but the button on the page now reads “Shop Now” and directs you to a Holy Grail Clothing Co. online store.

The corporation’s CEO must have accelerated the timeline for availability of merchandise by a full week because the Holy Grail Clothing Co. has them available for direct shipping to customers right now. What’s more, is the apparent acceleration of the launch of Holy Grail Clothing Co. There are multiple tabs on the Holy Grail Clothing Co. website and the collections tab takes you to the men’s and women’s collections. You can clearly see a model in a polo style shirt on the men’s link and a pair of leggings on the women’s link. This must mean that the design process for the upcoming clothing line, at the very least, has begun. Or it means they are very close to launching a men’s and women’s summer collection.

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