HOLY GRAIL CLOTHING CO. officially announced

It has been quite a productive month for The Regal Brand Inc. with multiple announcements and company launches being made public. The Michigan based company was founded in early April by Myron Clark and is headquartered in Rochester Hills. TRB Inc. is a multifaceted corporation with companies spread out across six different categories. Since its inception, TRB Inc. has announced plans to open a chain of car washes under The Sanitation Division, mobilized a POS platform for logo’d merchandise and is now launching a clothing line that will be slotted in The Retail Division.

“I am proud to announce that Holy Grail Clothing Co. will be launching as soon as next month, if everything goes according to schedule.” Myron Clark, the corporation’s CEO had to say. There is no definite launch date at this time. Myron described Holy Grail Clothing Co. as premium, handmade casual wear for the whole family.

“Holy Grail Clothing Co. will officially launch with a kid’s line first and what I’m most excited about is my daughter’s involvement in this line of premium kid’s clothing.” Myron’s nine year old daughter, an aspiring artist, is going to contribute to the line of children’s clothing by creating the art that will go on many of the line’s graphic tees and tops. She describes the unique opportunity as, “…a way to get my art out to the world.”

According to Mr. Clark, the plan for Holy Grail Clothing Co. is to follow up the children’s line with a full women’s line of casual wear then complete the launch with a men’s line. The children’s line has begun the preproduction stages of development.

Myron let slip that there is something else in preproduction. He described it as the premium dad hat. It too, handmade as he intends the entire line to be. Previews of the preproduction mock ups can be seen on the corporation’s website.

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