The New Lifestyle Brand

It was on May 23rd when The Regal Brand Inc. announced the launch of Holy Grail Clothing Co. and entered the retail e-commerce business with their online retail store. The store is clean, user friendly and securely accepts all major credit cards as well as Pay Pal and ApplePay. Initially, only Branded Merchandise was available-with profits going toward the development of the clothing company. Since then, Holy Grail Clothing Co. has released the Chino Cap in an array of brilliant color options.

“I love the Chino Cap; I think it came out great. At first glance it looks like a regular cap but it’s not-it feels sturdier; more durable but it’s the same look and feel you’d expect. And the simple embroidery…it’s perfect”

That’s Myron Clark lushing over the Chino Cap, which also happens to be the first product produced from under one of the divisions of his corporation. “If this is any indicator of our brand it’s clear that this is quality.” With seven different color options there is sure to be some coordinating casual wear coming soon. While both a men’s and women’s line are in the works they will take a back seat to Holy Grail Kid’s Collection; which has exited preproduction and is now pending approval.

“Holy Grail Kid’s will launch with a line of printed tops. The printed tops will feature positive affirmations our kids should be hearing and that parents will be proud for their kids to wear; they’re meant to boost self esteem and promote empowerment. There will also be graphic tops featuring artwork inspired by my nine year old daughter, Mariah, in the near future.”

When asked about his vision for his new clothing company Mr. Clark described it as the lifestyle brand of the future and pointed to its deliberate simplicity as to what will give his brand staying power.

“Holy Grail Clothing Co. ascends to lifestyle brand status once it experiences longevity and has collections with the amount of breadth that demand that type of respect. Everything we do now lay the groundwork for that.”

Perhaps that’s the importance behind all of the products from Holy Grail Clothing Co. being handmade in America. Even their graphic tees are digitally laser printed as opposed to lower quality, heat pressed graphics. If you’re going to have a lifestyle brand it must be of quality.

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