Holy Grail Clothing Co. expands

Holy Grail Clothing Co. is under the retail division of The Regal Brand Inc. – a corporation based out of Michigan. Even in its infancy, parent company CEO Myron Clark, views Holy Grail Clothing Co. as the lifestyle brand of the future.

The Regal Brand Inc. announced Holy Grail Clothing Co. under their retail division on May 23rd as they were eager to launch another division after discussions of acquiring a location for Sluice Auto Wash & Detail Center, their car wash concept under the sanitation division, dissolved.

The clothing company debuted with the Chino Cap, announced first on the corporate instagram account. It was initially released in black and later made available in 6 different colors.

In a previous statement Mr. Clark said that a children’s line called Holy Grail Kid’s would follow the release of the Chino Cap and on June 8th the first of the collection became available. Holy Grail Kid’s has launched with two tees, what they call the “I AM” and the “Afro Puff” tee. These tees, just like the branded merchandise from The Regal Brand Inc., features high quality digital print graphics. The company claims their method of printing to be of higher quality than heat pressed tees.

The Holy Grail Kid’s Collection will feature printed tees like the two debut pieces in the link above, and it will also feature pieces with art inspired by Mr. Clark’s nine year old daughter, Mariah. Mr. Clark says that this is still early in the developmental stages and would not provide any other details on the project. The printed tees themselves are enough to fall in love with. Mr. Clark says that all of the printed tees in this collection will feature positive affirmations our children should be or should become accustomed to hearing and believing.

“This is a line of casual children’s apparel that’s of quality and made environmentally friendly as is our entire collection; Holy Grail Kid’s is meant to inspire the youth to believe in themselves.”

Holy Grail Clothing Co. has an online retail store and is currently accepting orders for Holy Grail Kid’s as well as the Chino Cap; it’s also here where The Regal Brand Inc. branded merchandise can be purchased.

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