Holy Grail Clothing Co. Women’s Collection Becomes Available

Holy Grail Clothing Co. parent company The Regal Brand Inc. is wasting no time establishing its new clothing company as a true lifestyle brand. The Regal brand Inc. is a multifaceted corporation with unique companies across six divisions of the brand. The corporation first announced the sanitation division with Sluice Auto Wash & Detail Center but as talks of acquiring a location dissolved the project became a concept. Since then the corporation has launched the retail division with Holy Grail Clothing Co. – a new lifestyle brand.

The Chino Cap was the debut product to launch the clothing line, originally tagged as a casual wear line for the whole family. The Chino Cap is currently available in a total of seven brilliant colors all featuring the metallic gold crown embroidered on the front.

Following the launch of the Chino Cap was a whole new collection: Holy Grail Kid’s. The collection consists of two concepts, printed tops and graphic tops. The later still in preproduction and will be featuring art inspired by the CEO’s daughter, Mariah, who is an aspiring artist. A collection of printed tops are available now and feature positive affirmations Myron says children should be hearing and believing.

Holy Grail Clothing Co. Women’s Collection is the newest collection to come from The Regal Brand Inc. company. It features classic essentials that are as timeless as they are comfortable. Mr. Clark describes the women’s collection as tastefully simplistic and purposefully comfortable yet distinctly stylish.

The women’s collection and all the available collections from Holy Grail Clothing Co. are available exclusively on the HGCC online retail store: holygrailclothingco.com with free expedited shipping on orders of $75 or more and essential workers can take 35% of their entire cart using code ESS at checkout.

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