A conversation with Myron Clark

We sat down with CEO Myron Clark to discuss The Regal Brand Inc. and the whirlwind that it had been creating a multifaceted corporation from scratch. We met at his Rochester Hills home office on a brisk August morning, still damp from the previous day’s downpour. Myron greeted us wearing a black branded crewneck sweater sipping coffee out of a mug that read “Worlds Greatest Boss”. A gift, he explained.

As we entered his very organized office with the plaque he received for his birthday neatly hung on the door, Myron perched himself behind a wooden desk and closed his MacBook giving his undivided attention. The window behind him provided a scenic view of a sprawling backyard Myron said he likes to use to entertain guests. The office had a presidential type feel to it that he described as intentional. The walls were adorned in memorabilia of those who served as inspiration to him: Sean Carter, Barack Obama, there was a autographed commemorative Michael Jackson Thriller Album as well as a set of signed Michael Jordan basketball cards.

“I studied photos of the Barack Obama Oval Office and I drew inspiration from that.” Myron said glancing over his office dwelling. His glasses reflected over the family photo from his Mother’s wedding where he gave her away to her husband. He said that the paint used in the office was called. “key to the city” which is also a Nipsey Hustle song he enjoys.

Doing anything from scratch is perceived as more difficult of a process but far more rewarding in the end. Take cooking for example; food that is scratch made typically tastes better and is perceived to be of higher quality. Working from scratch requires a breadth of knowledge not commonly known, therefore requiring some type of training. Myron took this mindset when creating the massive corporation that is The Regal Brand Inc.

“My business would have to be from scratch; regardless how I tried to attack it. I don’t have anything to be given; nothing to inherit. I knew I would have to create it. So I went into educating myself on what I didn’t know and drawing from transferable skills.”

The Regal Brand Inc. is a multifaceted corporation with companies spread across six divisions of the brand. A concept that Myron says he drew inspiration from Black Wall Street.

A photo of black Wall Street in Tulsa

“Black Wall Street being a collection of black owned business that allowed the African American dollar to recirculate the community multiple times over, I thought, was a stellar idea. I tried to recreate this idea by collaborating with other entrepreneurs but I noticed almost immediately a real reluctance to network. That’s how the brand became a multifaceted corporation.”

Once it was decided that this was the path to blaze Myron stressed how important it was for the company to be soundly structured from the onset and how every decision made was predicated on longevity. He reflected on the time it took to establish the corporation saying that he’d often stay up for days at a time working on the project.

“I definitely went about things in a way that was foreign to those close to me but I was confident in what I was doing because it had been what I’d seen practiced in the faction of corporate America I’d operated in for years and had seen practiced all across different factions of business. I was doing it legit from the start and I wanted it to be American made.”

Myron believes, firmly, in investing in the American business infrastructure. His support for American made products is evident throughout his personal lifestyle. He owns two General Motors vehicles, supports the tech company out of Cupertino and his favorite brand name is the official outfitter of the United States Olympic Team.

“Who knows, I may run for public office one day. One of the legs my campaign will stand on is the continued strength of American innovation and business infrastructure. I can’t have said that yet ran a business that outsourced overseas neglecting the American economy.”

The Regal Brand Inc. is set to be an American powerhouse once it reaches full maturation. Myron has 21 potential business plans organized in six divisions mapped out with a 7th division being discussed that could grow the total number of businesses past 25. Two of the currently proposed 21 businesses have been announced and one of them is already generating revenue. It will be inevitable that a consumers dollar could recirculate the corporation multiple times over before ever leaving for a competitor.

Sluice Auto Wash & Detail Center; the concept in the sanitation division

After failing to launch the sanitation division Myron pressed on with the launch of the retail division. The first company to launch from this division was Holy Grail Clothing Co. – a lifestyle brand for the whole family.

Holy Grail Clothing Co.

“I never thought I’d have a clothing line…I never thought I’d be doing any of this. Sometimes I wake up and it hits me like, damn, I’m actually doing this.”

The clothing line launched with what they call “the chino cap” and is available in seven different colors but they all feature an embroidered crown on the front and the company name stitched in metallic gold on the rear of the cap.

“Chance The Rapper made a million dollars selling his hats and Ralph Lauren started Polo with just a neck tie…I chose to launch with a hat because it’s easily digestible to the average consumer; someone is liable to buy a one off hat versus an entire wardrobe. Then I gradually grew the clothing company by releasing collections; allowing potential consumers to see the evolution.”

Recently Holy Grail Clothing Co. released their 6th collection: the men’s collection. It cleverly matches the women’s line with the focus on quality and craftsmanship as well as its design cues and minimalistic yet fashion forward stance. Holy Grail Kid’s, the children’s line, takes a more expressive approach.

A printed top from the Holy Grail Kid’s Collection

“My favorite is Holy Grail Kid’s. It’s a line of printed and graphic children’s tops. The printed tops feature positive affirmations or encouragement our children should be accustomed to hearing and believing. The graphic tops will feature artwork inspired by my nine year old daughter, who is an aspiring artist.”

The graphic tops are currently in preproduction and Myron says he based his decision on involving his daughter in the business on her willingness to learn and her passion for art. Myron says that his daughter played an even biggher role in the creation of the children’s line. Based off his personal experience he set out to create a clothing line for children with sensitive skin.

“Some children are allergic or sensitive to certain dyes or certain inorganic components irritate their skin. Holy Grail Kid’s is purposefully sourced to include organic cotton and non GMO fabrics yet maintain the durability needed for a children’s top. And if you’re not allergic or don’t have a sensitivity it’s all the same because Holy Grail Clothing Co. is superior quality.”

All of the printed and graphic tops use state of the art digital print technology. This means that graphics and artwork are printed directly on the garment as opposed to using heat pressed stickers. In addition to this, all embroideries are done by hand from a warehouse in Los Angeles, California and the entire line is privately labeled.

“Holy Grail Clothing Co. is a lifestyle brand. We carry the essentials to be considered as such and we’re still growing. The quality is there and with a design purposefully built for longevity it’s just a matter of time.”

It’s just a matter of time before The Regal Brand Inc. and companies like Holy Grail Clothing Co. are household names. The corporations tag line is more than a catchy phrase; it’s part of Myron’s core values.

“We talk about giving back to the community and the culture. I want to do that in ways that are actually impactful; how I know it will actually make a difference. Personally, I like to donate my time at my daughter’s school and work with the youth, I would continue to donate my resources from a business standpoint or support scholastic advancement in some capacity through business.

When asked specifically how his corporation would give back to the culture he referenced the statement he’d previously released on his social media platforms,

“While I was a restaurant operator I participated in a career day at Mumford High School in my hometown of Detroit. I was amazed at the impact my presence alone had on the students; so I realize the importance of presence as much as I understand the gravity of what I’m doing in business. But I refuse to let that be all that people see no more than I allowed myself to be all that those students saw that day. I’m going to run a business the right way because how is there any other way to be? …It’s Important to me to me to give my culture the opportunity to be represented properly as it is equally important to be fair and inclusive because otherwise I’m perpetuating the same behavior of exclusion.”

The intention, according to Mr. Clark, is to run a business rooted in diversity and inclusion because it aligns with his moral compass and not because of social perception and pressure. Myron is intent on his business not being a fad calling it, “cool’ to be a black owned business now but, like everything in life, it’s cyclical.

“There has to be another element of appeal and secondly it has to have mass appeal. If this pandemic has shown us nothing, it’s that those that are one dimensional cannot diversify and therefore aren’t nimble. I’m afraid that the pandemic has also sprouted a lot of one dimensional businesses.”

One dimensional, The Regal Brand Inc., is not. With one division announced and a second launched Myron is eying the next venture for his brand. For now we have a full collection of quality casual wear for the whole family to enjoy in Holy Grail Clothing Co. and it’s available exclusively through holygrailclothingco.com.

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