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Holy Grail Clothing Co. – A Regal Brand Inc. company is making a splash with its line of casual wear for the whole family. First launching with their chino cap, the line has grown to include a men’s, women’s and children’s collection. Holy Grail Clothing Co. is favored for their minimalistic design, featuring their crown embroidered in metallic gold. It’s a look that corporate CEO, Myron Clark says is timeless, as he plans for longevity.

The new American luxury lifestyle brand has been experiencing a lot of growth in its efforts to become a legitimate lifestyle brand. After strategically releasing a few items from each collection to launch, Holy Grail Clothing Co. is going about releasing even newer product from each collection. The bucket hat is making a comeback and HGCC places theirs along side the chino cap in the accessories collection; it comes in unique pigment dyed colors and features the timeless crown embroidery. The company also announced the availability of digital gift cards that can be added directly to a digital wallet, like Apple Wallet.

Shopping Holy Grail Clothing Co. is a completely digital experience. Which, under today’s climate is a good thing. Plans to go with a brick and mortar store front were placed on hold admits the unrest and uncertainty surrounding the effects of the global pandemic. Production and product sourcing have also been impacted by COVID-19. HGCC uses unique cotton combinations that are sourced from all over the world and operating under stringent health and sanitation guidelines coupled with gridlock in shipping makes for an unsavory mixed bag of issues.

“I’ve watched brick and mortar retail locations that have been absolutely crippled…or worse, by this pandemic. I think we will continue to operate in the e-commerce realm before initiating a store front location, but that is still the plan.” Myron said of his decision to forgo a physical location, “It’s a good thing. Online shopping has already become the norm and we’ve seen retail companies slow to adapt that have struggled.”

Go to to browse the growing catalog and shop securely. The online retail store accepts Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal and all major credit cards. You can create an account and receive exclusive member only discounts directly to your email. Customers will receive either a text or email confirmation of their order and tracking is provided by the same means. Although, the company advises checking your spam or junk email first as many inboxes have an auto-sort feature.

“Transparency is important when it comes to business; that comes in the form of customer service. If we know that we’re going to miss the delivery date for a customer, which right now is a great chance, then we proactively contact that customer to make them aware. So they’re not left wondering”

“Quality, American clothing from an affordable luxury lifestyle brand with great customer service.”

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