Q4 preparations with The Regal Brand Inc.

After launching the multifaceted corporation mid Q2, the corporations CEO Myron Clark, prepares for their first ever Q4. We caught up with him to discuss his plans for the upcoming holiday shopping season and beyond.

The Regal Brand Inc. is a Michigan based corporation, headquartered in Rochester Hills. It’s a family of 21 companies organized into six divisions of the brand all aimed at giving back to the community and the culture. Since April, we’ve watched as the corporation announced plans for their car wash concept in the sanitation division, launched a clothing company under their retail division and setup an easy to use virtual retail store to enter the e-commerce arena.

“It’s been a lot of work but I’ve made a lot of great connections along the way.” Myron said when asked how the experience has been. “…and the general response has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Q4 is a make or break quarter for many businesses looking to capitalize on the annual holiday shopping season, The Regal Brand Inc. is no different. Myron knows that the average American spends $700 on holiday gifts; that’s more than $465 billion and Myron wants a slice of that pie.

“Going into the holiday shopping season the biggest revenue stream will be the retail division with Holy Grail Clothing Company. The brand has gotten positive feedback from consumers and we’ll be looking to increase the accessibility of the lifestyle brand.”

Holy Grail Clothing Co. is currently available exclusively on their virtual retail store. Myron plans to add the convenience of Facebook and Instagram shopping as well as accessibility on Amazon by this holiday season. There could also be a Holy Grail Clothing Company shopping app available in app stores sometime in Q4. Americans are flocking towards online shopping, even more so with the pandemic, but that was already the trend.

Myron believes that, “Increasing accessibility is important because consumers want to shop brands they love on platforms that they are already familiar with; aligning my brands with trusted platforms do just that.”

Based off information from their corporate website, we know of plans to expand Holy Grail Clothing Company into more than just a virtual store. Although, Myron said that expansion into a brick and mortar location isn’t likely to materialize in Q4. Nor are plans of launching the hospitality division with a quick service pizzeria. He does though, plan to add an additional revenue stream by way of corporate owned vending machines.

“The revenue generated from the corporate owned vending machines will be categorized under the retail division; the plans are laid and now it’s all about aligning with the right business partners.”

Learn more about how you can support this Michigan based, multifaceted corporation by visiting their corporate website: theregalbrand.com

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