“…giving back to the community and the culture.” And leading by example

When Myron Clark created The Regal Brand Inc. he intended for his corporation to give back to the community and the culture. So much so that he added it the corporate tag line. He put emphasis on how this would be done; maintaining the fact that it would need to be in an impactful way.

The newly created corporation, inspired by Black Wall Street, is living their tag line of giving back to the community as it, along with other local businesses, teamed up to help sponsor what is expected to be the first annual Halloween Stroll at FreeStar Financial Credit Union in St. Clair Shores, Michigan.

The event drew in over 300 children costumed as their favorite characters while following CDC guidelines as far as masks and admittance. Signups were required and crowd control was maintained the entire time. All sponsors wore masks and the public was encouraged to as well. Social distancing was practiced with multiple sanitizing stations setup around the parking lot, where the event was held.

Taking the concept from a “Trunk or Treat” the event organizers allowed supervised children to stroll the socially distanced parking lot while they enjoyed the, seasonally inspired, decorated trunks of each sponsor in attendance and a fun activity in the subsequent empty parking spot. This Halloween Stroll was kicked up a notch as there was a raffle and pie tossing for a good cause with candy bags handed out at the end of the stroll.

With proceeds for the pie tossing going to Maggie’s Wigs 4 Kids Myron signed up to be a participant. “I’m not sure exactly how much was raised but I let a lot of kids throw whipped cream at me!” Myron joked.

Myron is serious about his corporations charitable acts affirming that he doesn’t want The Regal Brand Inc. to be the type of corporation that just donates money to causes that are highlighted in the news cycle. “Being present is extremely important because representation matters.”

The Regal Brand Inc. is looking to continue their acts of representing the culture and giving back to the community by aligning with non-profit organizations like Maggie’s Wigs 4 kids of Michigan and Rochester Area Neighborhood House as well as volunteering time in social ministries like the one at Trinity Unity Church.

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