I thought we ordered pizza

The corporation aimed at giving back to the community and the culture has revealed its 4th business set to join its family of companies. Previously, The Regal Brand Inc. corporate website (theregalbrand.com) announced intentions of launching a quick service pizza establishment to spearhead their hospitality division. With The Regal Brand Inc. CEO (Myron Clark) being a Detroit native, franchise explorations began with Michigan stalwarts like Little Cesars and Hungry Howies. It appears that the corporation may be serving up something else completely from the hospitality division after all.

Galley Private Chef Co. will be the second company to be announced under the hospitality division of The Regal Brand Inc. This division was set in motion when the corporation released plans to install vending machines in and around the Metro Detroit Area. Galley will also join Sluice Auto Wash & Detail Center, another concept company, this one under the sanitation division and Holy Grail Clothing Co. from the retail division. Holy Grail Clothing Co. is a lifestyle brand for the whole family launched earlier this year which recently expanded the Holy Grail Kids Collection with the BE KIND graphic tops designed by 9 year old Detroiter, Mariah Clark. At launch, Galley Private Chef Co. will provide a unique culinary experience from the comfort of your home for engagements of up to 10.

Currently classified as a concept company still in the developmental stages there are no present details on a timeframe of launch or a proposed service area for Galley Private Chef Co. Although, indicators suggest that affluent areas of Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties will be considered.

Clients in the Galley Private Chef Co. service area will be able to peruse a cataloged menu of course selections during an in-kitchen consultation and inspection. Price will be determined upon course selections and the number of engagements expected with a deposit and proper lead time required. Final payment arrangements being complete at least one day prior to the day of your private arrangement, a Galley Private Chef will arrive on the day of equipped with their own utensils and enough ingredients to execute the selected menu options. Hosts get to enjoy their guests and engage while your assigned Galley Private Chef prepare, plate and clean their mess. Allowing you to enjoy your company with no leftovers to put away or pots and pans to wash.

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