A Regal Partnership

The Regal Brand Inc. has announced interest in investing in a local restaurant through the hospitality division of The Brand.

Few details have been made public but it is known that the Michigan based corporation patterned after Black Wall Street of Tulsa, Oklahoma has expressed mutual interest in partnering in the development of an already established restaurant in the Metro Detroit area.

”There’s mutual interest, at this point. I said, when I retired, that the next time I step foot inside a restaurant I’d own it.”

Myron dedicated over a decade to the hospitality industry working for several multi-million dollar concepts as a operations manager as well as corporate trainer before retiring from the industry in September of 2020. As a certified Food Safety Manager through the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals along with a proven track record of success in the industry Myron would have plenty to offer by way of resources and knowledge.

Published by The Regal Brand Inc.

The Regal Brand Inc. - A family of companies

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