Holy Grail Clothing Co.

Wear Your Crown

We’re all descendants of royalty and Holy Grail Clothing Co. is the highest form of that expression

A premium brand. For the whole family.

Holy Grail Clothing Co. is a premium lifestyle brand with handcrafted essentials for the whole family

Each collection from HGCC is handcrafted with extreme attention to detail and high quality materials sourced from around the world; assembled in the USA

Discover HGCC

collections of accessories and essentials for men, women and children

Model wearing girls ‘I AM” crewneck; featured in the Holy Grail Kids collection

Featured Product: HGCC Chino Cap

Handcrafted. Premium construction.

The Bloodline Collection

Put your lineage on display with the bloodline collection from Holy Grail Clothing Co.

Holy Grail Clothing Co. – Wear Your Crown

A premium lifestyle brand operated by The Regal Brand Inc. under the retail division of The Brand

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