The Be Kind graphic top from Holy Grail Clothing Co.

The lifestyle brand developed by The Regal Brand Inc. is marketed as a lifestyle brand for the whole family and features collections of essentials for men, women and children. Holy Grail Clothing Co. boasts that its line of casual wear is made using the finest blends of cotton for superior comfort and durability. Particular attention to this detail has been paid to the children’s collection, dubbed Holy Grail Kids, as items in this collection are constructed with pesticide free and organic cotton; making it an easy choice for parents who’s children have sensitive skin.

Holy Grail Kids collection available exclusively on the virtual retail store

Holy Grail Kids collection launched with a line of printed tops that The Regal Brand Inc. CEO and company president, Myron Clark, says are meant to encourage and inspire young children.

“I wanted to create something with a message of positivity that children would want to wear and their parents would want them to wear and I drew inspiration from my own daughter to do so.”

Taking positive affirmations that his daughter hears regularly, Myron created the line of printed tops for girls and boys. But the inspiration didn’t stop there as his nine year old daughter, Mariah, became increasingly interested in not just the lifestyle brand but the corporation overall.

“She’s already speaking it into existence that she’s the next CEO of The Regal Brand Inc.!”

The next CEO of The Regal Brand Inc. and young artist, Mariah Clark, in her hometown of Detroit, Mi

Mariah is also an aspiring artist who loves to create. Noticing her enthusiasm, Myron decided to tap into it in an attempt to cultivate her creativity.

“Often time we ask our children what they want to be when they grow up; how about asking them what they would do right now. And whatever that answer is support them and make that their reality.”

Myron decided to use his daughters artwork and transform her creativity into what would become the Holy Grail Kids collection of graphic tops. Mariah, who like many children was under the impression that she had to wait until she was older, looks at it now as a way to share her art with the world.

The Be Kind graphic tee in the Holy Grail Kids collection

The Be Kind graphic top is just the beginning of what the dynamic father-daughter duo has planned, but it is the first to reach market. It’s available for purchase now on the Holy Grail Clothing Co. virtual retail store and is shipping directly from their production factory in LA, California.



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