An American lifestyle brand…no matter what

Holy Grail Clothing Company is an American lifestyle brand and we don’t believe in building or outsourcing to giant factories in far off lands. That’s why, even during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we relied on the men and women in our Los Angeles, California production warehouse to see us through. Thanks to our transparency and extreme resiliency we’ve successfully worked through the backlog and are now able to produce our sustainable line of casual wear with little to no delay.

Instead of assembling our products in overseas sweatshops we invest in the local economies of large metropolitan areas. We do though, source high quality materials from all over the world into The States, making our factories a hub of apparel design and manufacturing creativity that exist to support local infrastructure needed to create products domestically.

As the Holy Grail Clothing Company lifestyle brand grows we, the parent company (The Regal Brand Inc.), can select factory locations to optimize shipping times because we know it’s worth it to save even a couple days of transit time as our lifestyle brand continues to take its sustainable, on demand approach to production.

Learning from the pandemic and the surge of online shopping that resulted as well as preparing for the upcoming holiday shopping season we are absolutely ecstatic to announce that in conjunction with our partners; Philadelphia has been selected as the city where our second production warehouse is being constructed. The Regal Brand Inc. and its partners believe that it’s important to provide good jobs, training and personal development opportunities in areas that need employers who care about the local community and American economy.

Once live and operating, which it is expected to be by the holiday shopping rush, the Philadelphia factory will begin to fulfill and ship orders for the east coast, while our Los Angeles factory will continue to fulfill and ship orders for the west coast. With two production factories Holy Grail Clothing Company will be able to dramatically reduce shipping times for the east coast while increasing overall production capacity and provide good paying jobs right here in the USA.



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