Cease and relaunch

The Regal Brand Inc. has confirmed that Holy Grail Clothing Co. is still a part of The Regal Brand Family of Companies despite being moved to concept status.

The elevated lifestyle brand launched its virtual retail store in May of 2020 with a premium Chino Cap and quickly grew to carry collections for the whole family. Holy Grail Clothing Co. was the first company to be launched from TRB Inc. and was housed under the retail division of The Brand.

The company’s president and CEO of The Regal Brand Inc. stated that the clothing company continues to receive very positive consumer feedback and explained that the move back to concept serves a greater purpose.

”There are some other things at work that require my undivided attention and resources. I’ll be able to coordinate a relaunch of the clothing company that will include a revised logo as well as expanded offerings and a physical location to support our existing e-commerce infrastructure.”

The Regal Brand released a concept design of the revised HGCC logo that features the original ‘HG’ and the signature Holy Grail Clothing Co. text but has a distinctly different crown and is displayed in black and white; a departure from the iconic black and gold it debuted with.

concept image of the revised HGCC logo



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