The next big Corp: The Regal Brand Inc.

That’s the vision President/CEO, Myron Clark, has for the newly erected corporation. The Regal Brand Inc. is a multifaceted corporation who’s portfolio will eventually range six categories. The company is headquartered in Rochester Hills, Michigan and will do business across the entire state. Plans have already been announced to open a car wash in Detroit or the surrounding metro areas. This corporation promises to give back to the communities they serve in ways that its residents will actually benefit.

“I’ve decided to launch my corporation with a car wash but it’s much bigger than that.”

The way Mr. Clark describes the bigger picture is this is actually launch one, of six eventual, divisions of The Regal Brand Inc. “The division that oversees the car wash is the one with the least moving parts, as far as what I currently want to do with it.” Mr. Clark plans to grow the corporation one division at a time. “I’ll start with this division; give it the attention it needs; develop top level leadership and once growth has been achieved launch the next division-whatever that may be.” That means the wash isn’t intended to be a 1 off establishment; Myron envisions a chain. “I expect growth, he says, “I will trust the people I put in place and hold them accountable. That’s the only way I can ensure the corporation grows.”

A structured approach is what Myron outlined as his business philosophy. “You can go as fast as you feel comfortable in the lanes you’re comfortable navigating in-you still check your blind spot when merging lanes.” While it is always best to practice mindfulness, even in familiar territory Mr. Clark says it is also keen to know when to step on the gas. “You don’t just rush into business; do the work. Take your time, do it right; to quote one of my favorite songs. Once you have everything you need-that’s when you take off!”

It’s that same approach that the President/CEO of The Regal Brand Inc. will use to fund the corporation. He says that he has pulled inspiration from Elon Musk and what he’s done with the Tesla brand on how to raise funding. “No, I’m not trying to launch rockets to space but Elon Musk is definitely an influence. Musk taught me how effective thinking outside the box is.” Myron also recognized Shawn Carter and 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, as influences.

Myron said that initially project locations will be centralized in the Detroit and Metro Areas, which is plenty of real estate, but he sees more. “I would love to do business all across the state, not just in the city. Why not help bring notice to the tourism of our great state through business?” Mr. Clark expressed interest in doing business nationally and even internationally. “I don’t want to put the cart before the horse but if your goals don’t scare you then they aren’t big enough.”

“My primary focus is on securing funding and a successful launch of this division. Once that’s accomplished the path will be set for The Regal Brand to achieve its mission statement on giving back to the communities they serve.” Myron says that this is the differentiating factor between TRB and other corporations. “This is a Michigan based company and regardless of plans for growth I want to take care of home first. That means I want to work and partner with other Michigan based companies.”

When asked about specifics on how the corporation would give back Myron pointed to things he’s done in the past like participating in career day at local high schools. “Sometimes just being in business will be what a community needs but it will be case by case; each community we serve will be different.”

With Myron at the helm of The Regal Brand Inc. and his ambitious aspirations coupled with his strategic planning finding funding shouldn’t be an issue. His vision for the company is clear, growth is planned for and his community service plans are enough to get behind this corporation alone.



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